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Just wanted to give you a quick update that we're currently busy bees processing all the amazing images taken last Sunday. So, our photo album is going to get even bigger and better. You don't want to miss out on all the fun, so make sure to check back in every now and then and see us in action! Preparing to publish new photos 😀

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Picnic in support of Ukraine

Picnic in support of Ukraine

At the support Ukraine picnic, all who attended were able to delight in the scrumptious Ukrainian cuisine, as well as partake in a plethora of enjoyable activities with their children. Furthermore, Lena Moro, the skilled photographer and designer, provided guests with the


We invite you to leave your comments and reach out if you require images in a larger format for printing. It is important to note that all services are free of charge. We extend our utmost gratitude for your attendance and for supporting Ukraine. 
  • Check out the heartwarming photos from the Picnic in support of Ukraine! This community event brought together people from all around Great Cleveland, united in their love for Ukraine and support of its defenders.
  • Organized by the social group of activists "Врятуй Україну/ Rescue Ukraine", this event was a huge success and a powerful demonstration of solidarity. Let's continue to come together and make a difference.
  • Our goal is keep raising funds to support our ZSU! and we won't get tired or give up in our efforts to support Ukraine!
  • #SupportUkraine #CommunityEvent #Solidarity #RESCUeUKRAINE #PicnicForACause  

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