Face towel - THE SNOW MAIDEN

Face Towel

DESIGN: “My imagination as a designer was driven by the impression of one of the most exciting scenes from the opera The Snow Maiden, when the Snowgirl melts from a hot feeling of love.”- L.Moro
Dark purple, magenta, and reds used in the design can be a colors accent in your bathroom decor. On the other hand, the theme of Love and connection with a world musical masterpiece will ignite your emotions and raise the spiritual aura of your home.

Type: 80% polyester, 20% cotton, One-side printing 

  • 320 g/m2 (11.29 oz per sq yd).
  • 1.41 Oz. Made of 80% polyester  20% cotton, soft and comfortable.
  • Designed for daily use, stylish and personalized.
  • Machine washable at 60℃.
  • Approx. dimensions: 13" x 13".
    Size:One Size

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