Welcome to RESCUE UKRAINE FAIR! We are a group of volunteers working towards a common goal of advancing Ukraine’s victory! We've curated a gift shop with unique items such as clothing and home decor that will appeal to anyone who wants to show their love for Ukraine and contribute to a great cause. Our primary goal is to encourage and enable individuals to show their unwavering love for Ukraine while simultaneously contributing to noble causes that matter.

Ukrainian Dog Shirt - Show Your Love for Ukraine


Introducing our brand new Dog Shirt - STAND WITH UKRAINE - Solidarity Ukraine! Whether you're out on a walk or hanging out at home, this dog shirt will turn heads and make a statement. It's the perfect accessory for any proud Ukrainian or anyone who loves a great design. So why wait? Order your Dog Shirt - STAND WITH UKRAINE - Solidarity Ukraine today and show your support for this great country

  • The profit from your purchase will go to Help Ukraine charity programs.
  • Join our efforts to support Ukraine!

So whether you're in New York, Cleveland, Tel Aviv, London, or anywhere else, show your support for Ukraine and order your Dog Shirt - STAND WITH UKRAINE today. It's the perfect way to make a statement and stand up for your beliefs.

But that's not all - we even offer FREE CUSTOMIZATION so that you can add your pet's name or another personal touch to the shirt!

  •  It is made of high-quality polyester, providing softness and excellent protection. 
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL,2XL.
  • NB: Please determine the shirt size from the dog size chart below.   
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