Welcome to RESCUE UKRAINE FAIR! We are a group of volunteers working towards a common goal of advancing Ukraine’s victory! We've curated a gift shop with unique items such as clothing and home decor that will appeal to anyone who wants to show their love for Ukraine and contribute to a great cause. Our primary goal is to encourage and enable individuals to show their unwavering love for Ukraine while simultaneously contributing to noble causes that matter.

Phoenix Bird in Ukrainian Colors - Automatic Foldable Umbrella


 Automatic Folding Umbrella - Stay Dry and Show Your Support for Ukraine - Perfect Travel Companion 

Looking for a gift that's both functional and meaningful? Look no further than our Phoenix Bird in Ukrainian Colors automatic foldable umbrella! Not only is it a colorful and stylish accessory for any rainy day, it's also a great way to show your support for Ukraine, whether you're living in America or abroad. Whether you're walking in the rain in the city or traveling the world, you can proudly display your support for Ukraine with this eye-catching umbrella. 
  • DESIGN: Featuring sunflowers and the symbolic colors of blue and yellow, this colorful umbrella is a work of art created by Ukrainian artists at Moro Design Studio. The iconic Phoenix Bird symbolizes Ukraine's resilience and strength, reminding us that Ukraine will rise from the ashes and overcome any difficulties.
  • DESIGN FEATURE: The auto open-close system can operate with one hand in one second. Eight sturdy ribs for a reliable and durable construction. A hefty rubberized handle provides a comfortable, sturdy grip.
  • MATERIAL: Waterproof 100% Polyester Pongee fabric. We use the method of thermal sublimation for printing on fabric, which guarantees long-term preservation of the brightness of colors.
  • DIMENSIONS: Closed Length: 11.42 inches, Coverage Diameter: 37.4 inches; 8 Ribs 37.4″(W) x 24.4″(H) 
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